What are profiles or channels used for?

A Polycarbonate H Profile is used to join two multiwall polycarbonate sheets together, providing a finished, professional look. A Polycarbonate U Profile is used to cap off the top and bottom of a multiwall polycarbonate sheet, preventing dust, bugs, and moisture from entering the flute. If you have trouble getting the profile to fit try rubbing a bar of hand soap or squirting mild liquid dish detergent on the edge of the multiwall sheet.

This will aid in sliding the profile on. A putty knife may be used to gently pry open the profile. After the profile has been installed, use a soft wet cloth to remove any excess soap. We also offer an aluminum Poli-lok system that provides some advantages when compared to polycarbonate profile.  

The Poli-lok system provides structural reinforcement increases the lbs per sq/ft of the panel by 3 times. It is more resistant to weather and basic wear and tear. Check out our Poli-lok system and compare!