Are panels easy to cut? What is the best way to cut the panels?

Yes they are!

Use a razor knife or a circular saw with a carbide tipped saw blade (a triple chip grind tooth design). Always support and clamp sheets before cutting to reduce vibration. Feed the sheets through slowly to avoid chipping but steadily to prevent heat build-up.

How to correctly cut polycarbonate sheets:

  1. Polycarbonate sheets can be cut with a fine-toothed table saw, circular saw (80+ teeth), handsaw, jigsaw, or factory razor knife.
  2. Circular saw blades need to be double sided and certified for plastic cutting
  3. Rounded/curved cuts are best made with a handsaw, band saw, or jigsaw
  4. Polycarbonate should always be clamped down firmly to reduce vibration
  5. Clean the dust from the flutes using an air compressor or vacuum
  6. Cuts should be done at high speed, moving slowly down or across the sheet
  7. Keep the polyethylene film on while making cuts to the sheets
Please note: the thicker the panel, the harder will be to cut it.